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Photo Title: Im So Excited I Just Cant Hide It
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Quality: XSmall
Dimensions: 438x341(px)
Megapixels: 0.15
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@72DPI = 6.08in x 4.74in
@150DPI = 2.92in x 2.27in
@300DPI = 1.46in x 1.14in
Price: $2.00

Quality: Small
Dimensions: 876x681(px)
Megapixels: 0.6
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@72DPI = 12.17in x 9.46in
@150DPI = 5.84in x 4.54in
@300DPI = 2.92in x 2.27in
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Quality: Medium
Dimensions: 1751x1362(px)
Megapixels: 2.38
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@72DPI = 24.32in x 18.92in
@150DPI = 11.67in x 9.08in
@300DPI = 5.84in x 4.54in
Price: $10.00

Quality: Large
Dimensions: 2801x2179(px)
Megapixels: 6.1
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@72DPI = 38.9in x 30.26in
@150DPI = 18.67in x 14.53in
@300DPI = 9.34in x 7.26in
Price: $15.00

Quality: XLarge
Dimensions: 4332x3370(px)
Megapixels: 14.6
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@72DPI = 60.17in x 46.81in
@150DPI = 28.88in x 22.47in
@300DPI = 14.44in x 11.23in
Price: $20.00

transvestite, transsexual, cross-dresser, cross dressing, drag queen, excitement, excited, enthusiastic, enthusiasm, gay, homosexual, man, male, mature, middle-aged, dress, clothing, cardigan, sweater, pearls, person, people, isolated, white background, wig, makeup, costume, gender, humor, funny, homely, ugly, unattractive, fake, female impersonator, cut-out, entertainer, performer, actor, humorous
Humorous picture of a female impersonator who is really excited. Isolated on white.
Additional Info:
Lisa F. Young
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